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Questions To Ask Cornerstone

Many wealth managers claim to be "independent." How do you define independence?
Our bottom-line definition is that we are not owned by any entity that impacts our objectivity. That list includes banks and other financial institutions, insurance companies, traditional wire houses, and broker-dealers.


What investments do you offer?
We have access to an extensive range of investment options that ensure diversity. In addition to traditional investments such as stocks, bonds, and cash equivalents, our clients can participate in private investments not accessible to the general public, primarily in real estate investments.  We also have access to hedge funds, debt investments, and private equity.* These opportunities are a result of relationships we have with a broad field of investment specialists who enhance our ability to maximize opportunities for our clients. This breadth of offerings often helps reduce risk at the same time it increases returns.


What's your track record in terms of return on investment?
The SEC has strict rules about characterizing performance.  Since every client's portfolio is unique to their circumstances, we are limited to the way we can answer the question. Our satisfied clients tell the story best. We encourage you to speak to as many of our clients as you wish.


What makes you different from the typical investment advisor?
We have the flexibility to help clients look well beyond the typical brokerage-promoted investment packages they might encounter elsewhere. We offer involvement in investments that are private in nature, primarily real estate. No two clients are the same, and neither are the investment strategies we help them develop.  Our overall approach is comparable to that of a family office.


What are your credentials and qualifications?
Our wealth management team began their careers as attorneys or CPAs for major accountancy firms. In addition to the JD and CPA designations, our current and/or past licenses and certifications include Personal Financial Specialist (designation issued by the American Institute of CPAs), General Securities Representative (Series 7 License), General Securities Principal (Series 24 License), Financial and Operations Principal (Series 27 License), Commodities and Futures Representative (Series 3 License), Uniform Investment Advisor (Series 65 License), Real Estate Broker and Life, Health & Disability Insurance Agent. But our list of satisfied clients is our best qualification.


I already work with a financial advisor. Why should I consider Cornerstone Wealth Management?
We are not necessarily an "either-or" money manager. Our flexible, unbiased approach means we can develop a relationship with you that can enhance and add to your current investment strategies. We often work with a client's professional advisors in finding solutions that are right for them. In addition, some people seek out a "second opinion" from another advisor, just to ease their mind that their portfolio is working for them as effectively as possible.


Once I hire you, how often will I hear from you?
We will spend considerable front-end time understanding your long-range goals and objectives. Then we will develop a plan unique to you. Once that is implemented, we will provide detailed monthly statements, quarterly reports and semi-annual performance reviews in person.  Additionally, as unique investment opportunities arise, we will contact you.  Last but not least, we are available to meet with you whenever you feel the need.


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