We help establish a clear direction for your financial future.  It begins with defining your goals and objectives.  Then we draft a plan and identify the best process for implementation.  As this foundation for strategic wealth building is laid, you’ll find yourself sleeping more soundly at night.


Step One: Drawing the Blueprint

  • Develops a written financial profile, based on your goals and objectives
  • Addresses all of your financial concerns
  • Sets individual investment parameters
  • Establishes tolerance for risk and volatility

Step Two: Laying the Foundation

  • Identifies strategies to accomplish your goals
  • Creates a “Wealth Forecast Analysis,” which addresses the question of whether you will have enough to provide for the kind of life style you would like to have for the rest of your life.
  • Reviews retirement planning, including pension plan and retirement plan analysis
  • Allocates the investment portfolio across multiple asset classes
  • Targets specific investments within each asset class
  • Screens, selects and monitors third-party "strategic partners"
  • Presents the plan for approval

Step Three: Raising the Columns

  • Implements agreed upon strategies
  • Involves other professionals as needed (CPA, Attorney, Banker, Insurance Specialist, etc.)
  • Purchases investments according to approved investment plan
  • Prepares and distributes monthly statements and quarterly investment portfolio reports

Step Four: Reinforcing the Structure

  • Monitors all investments, with an eye on market conditions
  • Makes any ongoing adjustments to the investment portfolio as needed 
  • Introduces new investment opportunities as they arise
  • Holds semi-annual meetings to review performance
  • Updates Wealth Forecast Analysis