Case Study: Helping a Self-Directed Investor Sleep Better at Night

Challenge: How a self-directed investor can reduce stress while working toward improved results

Financial freedom is a wonderful thing. How can individuals who take a significant role in managing their own investments do so without wear, tear, and potential loss?

Investor’s Concerns

A very savvy woman takes charge of her own investing. She reads magazines and books on how to make money in the market. She rises early in the morning for the opening of the U.S. market. She stays up late to track the foreign markets. What are the possible results of all her hard work? Exhaustion, stress, and lackluster performance.

Strategy and Solution

At Cornerstone Wealth Management, we admire self-starters. But we also like our clients to sleep at night, spend their days doing what they do best, and take time to enjoy life. A number of our clients are former self-directed investors. Today they are still directing their investments. Only now they work with us as a team to help them reduce the stress and worry in their lives. This allows them to continue to pursue financial freedom on their own terms.

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