Financial Advisor Case Studies


Sale of Business

A single woman age 47 is contemplating selling her business to her 38-year-old niece. The niece has been working for the company for 12 years. The owner isn’t certain, but estimates she will need $15 million after taxes to accomplish everything she wants to do in life. She is uncertain about how to plan for the future.
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Protect and Grow Liquid Assets

In order to provide future retirement for him and his wife, a married man in his 50s sells company stock options. The sale nets $5 million after tax. Now he is faced with how best to protect and grow the $5 million.
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Which Marital Assets to Opt for During Divorce

A couple is divorcing. The husband has been primarily dealing with the couple’s investment portfolio. The wife has limited insight into the couple’s finances. Now the couple is deliberating how to divide the marital assets, with input from their attorneys.
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How much is enough?

We all like success stories. How ironic, then, that many of us don't take the time to define what financial success means to us. Without a clear vision of "how much is enough?" we are prone to making poor decisions or even failing to act. The following story illustrates how easily our individual success stories can be derailed.
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What is my true return?

Things are not always as they seem. Imagine a husband and wife are referred to a seemingly reputable financial advisor. At first they are comfortable with this advisor. After all, several friends referred them to the advisor. They are under the impression that their portfolio is well diversified. They believe that the financial advisor's past performance is exceptional. For a while they are satisfied.
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It's great to sleep at night

Financial freedom is a wonderful thing. A very savvy woman takes charge of her own investing. She reads magazines and books on how to make money in the market. She rises early in the morning for the opening of the U.S. market. She stays up late to track the foreign markets. What are the possible results of all her hard work? Exhaustion, stress, and lackluster performance.
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